Ecyo Everyday Starter Pack


Everyday Starter Pack
Dissolvable Cleaning Pods + 3 Spray Bottles
New to ecyo?

This starter pack includes: 1 box of mixed pods to make three cleaning sprays.

1 x multipurpose
1 x bathroom
1 x window

And 3 amber 500ml recycled plastic Aussie made forever bottles.

Multipurpose – (orange zest): ideal for cleaning: Kitchen benches, tables, tiles, white goods…
Bathroom – (ocean breeze): the perfect option for cleaning the bath, shower, toilet and bathroom tiles.
Window – (eucalyptus): will leave your windows and mirrors clean and streak free!

Bottle Size: 500ml

No single-use plastic when you reuse your old bottles
– Reduce your carbon footprint because there is no need to ship water around the world
– They work! We’ve tested our ecyo pods against major brands⠀
– Our packaging is compostable and recyclable
– Plant-based ingredients make our products not only effective but safe