Ecyo Hand Soap Refills – Almond and Vanilla 3 x Pods


Zero Waste Soap Refills

Almond and Vanilla

These gentle foaming soap refills dissolve in 1 minute to make three luscious non-drying foaming soaps.

Scented with the warm sweet aroma of almond and vanilla essential oils.


Three refill pods: makes 3 x 300ml bottles of foaming soap

Why ecyo foaming soap refills?

Reduce plastic waste
Super foamy and non-drying
Easy and small to store refill
Dissolves quickly, no need to wait
Non toxic, gentle plant based formula
Concentrated without water = less to ship/ lower carbon
Please note, if using a bottle you have at home, you need to use a foaming pump. You can also grab some bottles from us.

Cylinder is made from recycled card and is compostable and recyclable.

0% Waste / 100% Luscious foamy goodness